Type 2 diabetes (previously known as adult-onset diabetes) is due to a combination of defective insulin secretion and insulin resistance or reduced insulin sensitivity. Type 2 diabetes is usually first treated by attempts to change physical activity  the diet, and weight loss.

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Mission Statement

Stem Cells for Hope’s mission is to make available Stem Cell treatments via our affiliated international clinical facilities around the world, so that patients suffering from serious injuries, biological, neurological, physical injuries and other debilitating disorders previously deemed untreatable by traditional medicine, may find a solution to their disabling and crippling conditions within the new field of Stem Cell Transplantation Therapy and Regenerative Medicine.


“Regeneration not Transplantation”

Through the ongoing Research and Development programs at our International Clinic facilities, Stem Cells for Hope plans to introduce new leading edge Stem Cell biological products and treatment protocols as well as develop vertical markets for all medical conditions and Stem Cell use, which will improve the world’s population quality of life and help maintain their youth for thousands of patients around the world, today rather than later.


Stem Cell Transplantation Therapy is:

RAPID – NO invasive surgery required. Typical treatment time is 5 to 7 days.

SAFE – NO risk of transferring infections or other side effects.

AVAILABLE NOW – SCFH’s stem cell transplants have been successfully used in treating patients worldwide since 1981.

EASY - NO expensive immunosuppression drugs required, since SCFH’s biological solution and stem cells consist of hematopoietic stem cells, adult stem cells and stem cells which are extracted from umbilical cord blood. Most immunosuppressive drugs are associated with many toxic side effects, and increase the risk of infection and other complications.

UNIQUE – NO other comparable commercial preparations currently available. Our individualized stem cell treatments are developed for a specific patient and their condition as part of a prescribed therapy.

APPROVED – In the Ukraine, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, Republic of Georgia, India, Middle East, EC Directives and German Authority as well as in many other countries.


Stem Cells for Hope Global Management Team

Walter Kravchenko Chairman & CEO
Christine DeRobertis Vice President Patient Services



SCFH Medical and Scientific Advisory Board:


Dr. Alexander Lupenko, MD
Medical Director & Advisor
Dr. Nikita Tregubov, MD,  
Medical Advisor


SCFH has a distinguished and diverse Medical and Scientific Advisory Board which is comprised of Surgeons, MD’s, Ph.D.’s, scientists and research fellows all of whom have been involved in stem cell research and treatment programs for many years.

The Advisors are located throughout various universities, hospitals, medical facilities and laboratories in the United States, Mexico and in the Ukraine.

Our Medical Advisors are responsible for conducting patient evaluations, producing abstracts on the medical conditions and treatment of patients, develop research papers to be published in various medical publications and journals, prepare patent applications that will go before the USPTO (US PATENT and TRADE OFFICE) and consult on additional Clinic licensing agreements that Stem Cells for Hope is currently investigating in locations around the world.